Levi Sitts | Mechanical Engineer, MBA
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About Me

After graduating from Oregon State University, I came onboard at Panasonic Avionics Corporation and began an exciting career in the aviation industry. The spirit of teamwork and cooperation in the PAC engineering department is very infectious, and it is an absolute pleasure working in the mechanical engineering group. Roughly one year after starting my employment, I decided that I was not finished with my educational goals, so on the advice of my favorite undergraduate professor I enrolled in a full-time MBA program for working professionals. Two years later, the MBA program at UW Bothell is nearly coming to a close, and I am excited to take the skills and practices that I have learned and apply them in the workplace.

Attending classes full-time while working full-time has been a challenge, to say the least. Even so, I try to make time for what is truely important in life: having fun. Early in my undergraduate degree, I caught on to something called "3D printing". This technology has since become very popular and many hobbyists and professionals are taking advantage of its unique benefits. Shortly after starting at Panasonic, I purchased a desktop 3D printer simply for the purpose of satisfying my curiosity and seeing what I could do with it. ...Turns out that these machines can be a lot of fun and I now make many toys and household knickknacks on a regular basis. And since I can always print another copy of whatever I want, I will often give my creations away as gifts to family and friends. My current projet is to line my cubicle walls with a 1/3000 scale replica of the New York skyline. Hopefully my coworkers won't mind.