Levi Sitts | Mechanical Engineer, MBA
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University of Washington

MBA, class of 2015

The Technology MBA program at UW Bothell was an exciting environment to learn the best practices for operating a business successfully. Navigating through the gauntlet of challenging coursework while juggling a full-time engineering job was not easy, but the experience taught me that with proper time-management and self-discipline, you can accomplish anything. I owe a lot to the support of my friends, family and cohort, and look forward to putting my hard-earned knowledge to good use.

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Oregon State University

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2012

Oregon State University was full of exciting opportunities, best of which was the OSU Solar Vehicle Team. As an active team member for most of my time at OSU, I had the privilege of helping to construct two fully-functional, highway-legal, solar electric vehicles. We then competed against dozens of other teams from across the country in the American Solar Challenge. In 2010 our vehicle did not qualify, and we were forced to withdraw from the race. Two years later, we returned with a top-notch vehicle and were the first team to finish scrutineering that year. Being a member of the OSUSVT taught me the value of teamwork, perseverance, and quality.

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Portland Community College

Associate of Arts in General Studies, class of 2009

PCC is a place where instructors truly care about students. If they had offered a 4-year degree in engineering, I never would have left. As it was, my time at PCC was probably the most influential time in my college career. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the faculty and staff that made my experience very positive at PCC.